About EVAA

EVAA is an interdisciplinary conference on visual technologies in culture, the arts and humanities. We welcome scholars, practitioners and professionals from fields including digital humanities, computer and information science, design, media, art practice, GLAM and heritage. In all these fields data and its representations are transforming practice and scholarship: this conference is about how we respond to this challenge.  

Call for Proposals

EVAA is currently calling for proposals for short papers (up to 4 pages), long papers (up to 8 pages), presentations, posters, demonstrations and creative works. 

We are very interested in getting a wide range of different perspectives and welcome both scholarly works as well as demonstrations and presentations of creative works and visualizations.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be submitted by the 15th October, 2015.  Successful authors will be notified by the end of October.

Authors of accepted papers have the option of having their papers peer-reviewed.  All peer-reviewed papers will be published as part of the conference proceedings and be eligible for recognition under HERDC category E1.

More details on submissions formats and submission guidelines are available from the EVAA submissions page.

 Conference Themes

We are interested in papers and presentations that present completed or in-progress scholarly work related to one or more of the following themes:

Data as cultural material: data plays an increasingly large role in many aspects of our lives – in industry, government, even the quantisation of our personal lives through, for example, fitness tracking apps.  What are the implications for arts and culture of thinking about data as a cultural material?

Bigger, faster, more: Edward Tufte has said “I view high resolution pretty much like being smart“.  What are the implications for data and visualisation of ubiquitous high-bandwidth connections, massive storage, fast processing and gigapixel displays?

Critical approaches and critical language: if data and visualisation is now part of our cultural landscape, what language and intellectual tools do we have for critiquing them?

Tangible data: digital fabrication and the maker movement have seen digital materials rendered as physical objects.  How are designers and makers utilising the digital to produce visualisations made of atoms rather than bits?

Digital public sphere: as government becomes wired and data becomes open and accessible, the possibility of digital public sphere emerges; but this not not just about the technology, it’s a question for the humanities – what is a digital public sphere, what should it be, how it is represented, and what is its culture?

More About EVAA

EVAA is a 2-day conference designed to coincide with the Canberra Enlighten festival, and is hosted at University of Canberra Inspire Centre.   The 2016 conference will be held in Canberra on 5th and 6th of March, 2016. This is a sister conference of other EVA Conferences held in Europe (and in particular, London), and is the first time this conference has been held in the Southern Hemisphere.

The conference will appeal to scholars, professionals and practitioners working at the intersection of culture and computation, with a particular focus on visualisation and data.  It is by nature multidisciplinary and we would like to see a diverse range of disciplinary responses to the conference themes.

How to Prepare for Outstanding Corporate Headshots

We are in the era of smartphones and digital cameras, but we can all agree that nothing beats professional photographers when it comes to photography. They make a huge difference when it comes to pictures. Their ability to get the right angle and study a location topped with their professional equipment makes them all worth it. Photography equipment is equally important because, unlike the cameras in most phones, they are of high quality with a large number of pixels. This makes it easy for them to take any photo and edit to different sizes without compromising the quality.

Professional photography will require some editing which photographers can carry out with ease since they are trained in different editing programs to enhance photos further and make them gorgeous. They have access to computer programs and printing equipment to ensure that they give you amazing images. This is why it is important to get a professional photographer to take your pictures, especially for corporate purposes.

A corporate headshot is a great way to showcase yourself or your company regardless of your profession or the type of services you are offering. It creates awareness and tells people about your presence in the business world. It might even land you your next client or next job. Most companies make it mandatory for employees to get a corporate headshot. This will be kept in the employee’s files. They also use the photo on their website, business cards and promotional materials.

This is the main reason why a corporate headshot should be taken by someone who is experienced in professional photography. They know all about the amount of lighting the background will need and the right pose to capture the shot. Their main focus will be to bring out the following characteristics;

• Natural Appearance
• Highlighting Character • Quality
• Style

The above-listed characteristics are essential for any corporate headshot as it will be conveying the message on your behalf. You have to prepare in advance to have an easy and short photo session. The same way you prepare for an interview is how you need to act when getting ready for a corporate headshot. Here are some preparation tips;


The products should be arranged in an appealing matter and set appropriately. This will help the photographer stay focused as they give tips on what to change or move now and then.

Dress Appropriately/ Clean the Location

If you are taking the photo alongside the products, dress simple but classy. Do not wear anything that will cause distraction from your face. Choose your colours wisely. If the headshot is for a product or place, then it should be cleaned and prepared beforehand to avoid capturing unnecessary items.


Work together with the photographer to ensure that the lighting is right for the shot. This will ensure that no blurriness or shadows come out in the photo. The photographer will be able to advise you on whether you should use natural light or studio light.

Natural Beauty

A corporate headshot is not about beauty but personality. Make sure this is what you portray. One should set the display correctly to avoid unnecessary accessories as they will make it appear busy.

Professional Photography

Do not go to your friends for a corporate headshot. Instead, seek the services of a professional photographer. The image is about your career. In general, you need to be ready to invest in getting the best.

Those who practise professional photography know how important it is not to rush clients. Make sure that the photographer does not rush you. Feel free to ask for more time as you settle into the atmosphere and get ready. It is common to take time to feel relaxed and natural in front of a camera. If you are shy, inform your photographer in advance, so they can put up necessary measures for your own privacy. This will help you not tense up during the session. You can then share your expectations about the session with ease and work for hand in hand with the photographer to achieve your goal.

Despite the reason behind taking photos, the experience should be a fun one. This will easily translate into attractive and appealing images, which will end up attracting new clients and opportunities. If you are looking for a partner who will help you get through to clients via images, check out https://www.ghpx.com.au/.

Digital signage can improve any event

Digital signage is a very important part of events because it offers the benefits of efficiency, cost and it also makes your conference or event look more professional. Companies that use digital signage take their events to a whole new and higher level. Here are a few reasons why digital signage can improve your event.

Use of social media
As an event planner, you must already be aware of the benefits of using social media at your live event. The only trouble is you won’t find it easy to engage attendees on social media platforms. The solution lies in building a social wall. This is a digital signage that shows live feeds of all the tweets and photographs as well as comments curated from your event in real time.

Build a social wall
Your social wall can gently and visually remind attendees to send their tweets and posts and comments on your event. To get good results, you only need to place your social wall in a place where it is easy to see.

Displaying latest sessions
Second, digital signage displays your latest sessions where everybody can see it. Attendees won’t need to squint and at the same time they are also able to see photographs and bio-data of the speakers. Best of all, digital signage also draws on your event management software and it can show the session that is currently on.

Show changes in real time
Third, digital signage changes in real time and shows updates from your event management software. As soon as you make changes, they will be shown on digital schedules. It is also possible for you to add interactive features to your schedule.

Transform poster gallery
Fourth, digital signage also allows you to transform your poster gallery into digital form. Attendees can view this poster gallery on their touchscreen displays and interact with the posters on the show floor. They can do this in their apps and also online.

Printed maps are not the most effective way of improving your event. Digital signage is a good alternative as it is available on your site as well as online. It will impress your attendees and give them the latest information. If something unplanned for occurs, you can update these changes in your event management software and it will then show up.
These days event gamification has become very popular at different events. Event gamification makes it easy for you to engage your attendees and it also helps to generate leads for your sponsors. If you add some competition to the gamification via digital signage, the results will be even more satisfactory.

Last but not least, you can use digital signage at your event to obtain live responses from your audience. This not only keeps your attendees feeling more interested, but it also helps to ensure the success of your event. Viewing results in real time on the presentation screen gives your attendees something tangible to work with. They can share their voices and let others see their comments.

The bottom line is that digital signage can take your event to a whole new and higher level. Contact the providers at Electro Cut Signs for full list of digital signage products. The sooner you get involved with using digital signage the easier it becomes to ensure the success of your event.

What are Skip Bins? Their shapes, sizes, and functionality

I assume that everyone reading this article knows what are skip bins? But in case, if you don’t know what are the skip bins and why have they used then no worries because in this brief articles I am going to learn how to clean and clear a skip bin and there uses.

So, what are the skip bins? Skip bins are actually large sized containers that are often used to carry rubbish and then dump it somewhere into the dumping pits.

Origin of word “skip”

Word “skip” is actually originated from the word “skep” that means a rubbish carrying basket. Word skip is actually used for a container that is used to dispose of the rubbish. In Canadian English, the alternate of the word “skip” is “DUMPSTER”. As you can see dumpster is also a container that is used to dump the rubbish. Learn how to choose a skip bin, please visit the page!

Shape and size of the skip bins

Commonly skip containers have an unmistakable shape: the longitudinal cross-segment of the skip receptacle is either a trapezoid or two stacked trapezoids. The lower trapezoid has the littler edge at the base of the skip canister, and a more drawn out edge at the top. Where there is an upper trapezoid, it has the littler edge at the top. At either end of the skip receptacle, there is an inclining floor or divider. There are generally two carries at the finishes of the container onto which chains can be appended, allowing the substantial skip canister to be lifted onto and off a lorry.

One end of the skip now and then has an extensive entryway that pivots down to permit manual stacking and emptying. Skips are generally solid and extreme, made to withstand harsh use by tradesmen and workers. The span of skip receptacles can fluctuate extraordinarily relying upon their utilization, with sizes extending from little 2-yard small scale skips to the vast 40-yard move on the move off skips. Even, however, these expensive canisters can store numerous huge amounts of waste, most lorries are restricted to bearing 8 tons (8,000 kg) of material in the compartment.

Types of the skip bins

Skip bins are not limited to a single type only, in fact, there are three well distinct types of the skip bins. Skip bins are classified into these types depending on the size and functionality. Following are the three types of the skip bins and all of them are briefly described.

RORO skip bins

The name of this skips seems very interesting, in fact, it is interesting. Actually, the word “RORO” abbreviates “roll on and roll off”. This type of bin is not used of the domestic use because such containers are often used for the commercial or industrial use.

Closed Skip bins

As the name suggests, these bins are closed from all sides and come with a door that is closed when the bin is being moved. These skip bins are considered safer as compared to others.

Open skip bins

And here comes the final type of the skip bins. As you can see these are the open skip bins so you can rely on them because these are open bins are not as safe as closed skip bins were.

How to employ a skip bin

You may hire skip bins if you prefer to dispose off a great deal of trash at once, but these bins are large and utilizing these on a daily basis isn’t convenient. With a suitable quotation an individual can easily employ a skip bin. Bins will arrive in a range in sizes and are made to hold different kinds of waste. Skip bins are the perfect garbage disposal option. What’s more, you cannot even buy an immense bin overnight, since they are costly, and following the party is over, it isn’t of any use.

It is possible to either buy a skip bin or find a skip hire done. Aside from that, you may also hire numerous skip bins to make certain that you are able to segregate recyclable and non-recyclable items better. Therefore, it is crucial to use skip bins to make certain that they can do away with waste items easily and better. These bins are very helpful and why you must find a skip hire done to address any surplus garbage. Also, the bins have to be available at the time and place needed by the client. Therefore, the bins can readily be identified and the work gets easier. Disposing of the trash is a crucial job and hiring bins that are just open-headed, heavy-duty containers is among the simplest ways to achieve this.

A great deal of garbage becomes generated when folks move to some other home or workplace. It’s quite difficult for someone to dispose of large amounts of garbage on their own since they rarely have the infrastructure and the equipment to achieve that. How much garbage is going to be generated and what type of material are you going to be disposing off. Instead of purchasing a new dustbin simply because you are likely to have excess garbage in a specific month you may find a skip hire and it isn’t going to be a strain on your pocket.

Skip bags are offered in a large number of sizes and you’ll need to find out the size you will need. Skip bags are a rather good choice to eliminate all you do not want around you. The skip company you’re selecting the bag from will employ this lights out to you too. It is possible to seek the services of these or purchase a skip bag. The skip bags come several sizes and you have to select which size will agree with your needs. They are different from your conventional metal bins or skip bins.

Various skip hire businesses provide different services. There are lots of skip hire businesses today, and such businesses offer a broad range of services that caters to each budget. Many bin hire businesses have large delivery trucks that can deliver several bins in 1 go.

Bins companies wish to realize that you get great value from using bins and skips. Based on the period of moment you book a trusted bin company will have the ability to deliver precisely the same moment or the very next moment. A waste bin rental company makes sure that waste disposal isn’t an issue you should be worried about.

Skip bins – the perfect garbage disposal option

Skip bins are the perfect garbage disposal option. With a suitable quotation an individual can easily employ a skip bin. Bins will arrive in a range in sizes and are made to hold different kinds of waste. Once your skip bin was filled, we will go back to pick up the bin and get rid of the waste. What’s more, you cannot even purchase an immense bin overnight, because they are costly, and following the party is over, it isn’t of any use.

It’s possible to either buy a skip bin or find a skip hire done. These bins are very helpful and why you ought to secure a skip hire done to address any extra garbage. Skip bins are very helpful because they’re simple to use, hassle free and you may get one that is appropriate for your requirements. A 2m3 bin would be the ideal size for the little little things he needs to do away with.

A great deal of garbage becomes generated when folks move to a different home or workplace. It’s quite problematic for a person to dispose of large amounts of garbage on her or his own since they rarely have the infrastructure and the equipment to achieve that. Rather than purchasing a new dustbin simply because you will have excess garbage in a given month you’re able to find a skip hire and it won’t be a strain on your pocket. How much garbage is going to be generated and what sort of material are you going to be disposing off. Rubbish involves anything that is thought to be unusable and at times it may consist of harmful things like broken glasses which may lead to harm or maybe even handled with care.

Confidential waste disposal is most likely one of the most significant considerations a company owner has to make in regards to waste disposal. It’s extremely problematic for someone to manage this waste. Waste shouldn’t be permitted to accumulate in your house since it can lead to a health hazard. For those who have already collected all of the waste you wish to find rid of you’re able to use the wait and load services.

You might need to pay a small extra for this service, but it is all dependent on the agency you opt for. Rubbish removal services make certain you don’t need to experience the tedious and dangerous procedure for dumping your waste. It’s this sort of service which makes WM the simplest option for skip hire in Melbourne. If you need a confidential waste disposal support, you should know your sensitive documents are disposed of correctly with no chance of somebody receiving their hands on them.

Companies undertaking such sort of work can be readily found online, in addition, there are some businesses that design skips just according to your requirements. Of course on account of the sensitive temperament of the documentation, you aren’t likely to pick just any company to aid you, and that’s why you have to do your research and discover a business you feel you can trust. It’s imperative that if you decide on a confidential waste disposal services company, that you select a business which will supply you with a trustworthy service.

Various skip hire businesses provide different services. If unsure, you could have to talk about this very first to your skip hire business to prevent inconvenience when your bin is prepared for collection. Various companies give different sort of services. In case you have selected a first-rate organization to employ from, they might be able to help you in disposing of hazardous materials.