Digital signage can improve any event

Digital signage is a very important part of events because it offers the benefits of efficiency, cost and it also makes your conference or event look more professional. Companies that use digital signage take their events to a whole new and higher level. Here are a few reasons why digital signage can improve your event.

Use of social media
As an event planner, you must already be aware of the benefits of using social media at your live event. The only trouble is you won’t find it easy to engage attendees on social media platforms. The solution lies in building a social wall. This is a digital signage that shows live feeds of all the tweets and photographs as well as comments curated from your event in real time.

Build a social wall
Your social wall can gently and visually remind attendees to send their tweets and posts and comments on your event. To get good results, you only need to place your social wall in a place where it is easy to see.

Displaying latest sessions
Second, digital signage displays your latest sessions where everybody can see it. Attendees won’t need to squint and at the same time they are also able to see photographs and bio-data of the speakers. Best of all, digital signage also draws on your event management software and it can show the session that is currently on.

Show changes in real time
Third, digital signage changes in real time and shows updates from your event management software. As soon as you make changes, they will be shown on digital schedules. It is also possible for you to add interactive features to your schedule.

Transform poster gallery
Fourth, digital signage also allows you to transform your poster gallery into digital form. Attendees can view this poster gallery on their touchscreen displays and interact with the posters on the show floor. They can do this in their apps and also online.

Printed maps are not the most effective way of improving your event. Digital signage is a good alternative as it is available on your site as well as online. It will impress your attendees and give them the latest information. If something unplanned for occurs, you can update these changes in your event management software and it will then show up.
These days event gamification has become very popular at different events. Event gamification makes it easy for you to engage your attendees and it also helps to generate leads for your sponsors. If you add some competition to the gamification via digital signage, the results will be even more satisfactory.

Last but not least, you can use digital signage at your event to obtain live responses from your audience. This not only keeps your attendees feeling more interested, but it also helps to ensure the success of your event. Viewing results in real time on the presentation screen gives your attendees something tangible to work with. They can share their voices and let others see their comments.

The bottom line is that digital signage can take your event to a whole new and higher level. Contact the providers at Electro Cut Signs for full list of digital signage products. The sooner you get involved with using digital signage the easier it becomes to ensure the success of your event.